NYC Calendar March 2017

FRIDAY, March 3
7 PM Marie Blair/Amber Liao: music for piano 4 hands by Crumb and Ligeti
VENUE: Spectrum

FRIDAY, March 3-12
Aging Magician, an opera by Paola Prestini
VENUE: New Victory Theater
ADMISSION: $16–$38

SUNDAY, March 5
7 PM Berlin Bülbül
David Rotherberg (reeds; NYC), Korhan Erel (electronics, Berlin)
VENUE: Spectrum

SUNDAY, March 5
6 PM: Musique Libre Femmes Quartet
Cheryl Pyle / Jamie Baum / Claire Daly / Claire De Brunner
2 flutes, baritone sax and bassoon
Celebrating March, Women in Jazz month
VENUE: Downtown Music Gallery

TUESDAY, March 7
7:30 PM Ensemble Connect
Varèse Octandre for Flute, Winds, and Brass
Bartók String Quartet No. 4
Ravel Piano Trio in A Minor
VENUE: Carnegie Hall, Paul Hall
ADMISSION: check with the venue

TUESDAY, March 7
9 PM Tim Berne, saxophone; Matt Mitchell, piano; Dan Weiss, drums
VENUE: Korzo

FRIDAY, March 10
9 PM Tom Hamilton
Zero Crossing Inquiry – something old, something new: Robert Ashley’s 1979 text “A Last Futile Stab at Fun,” read by Mimi Johnson, with new electronic music composed and performed by Tom Hamilton; plus Hamilton’s “Beacon” for solo flute and electronics, performed by Jacqueline Martelle.
VENUE: Experimental Intermedia

SUNDAY, March 12
8:30 PM Outright!
Tim Hagans (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (saxophone) Uri Caine (piano) Michael Formanek (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)
VENUE: The Stone

March 12, 19, 26
Feldman Festivals, Part I, II, III
Tania Chen plays For Bunita Marcus
Jed Distler plays Triadic Memories
Nils Vigeland plays Palais de Mari and Piano
VENUE: Spectrum

MONDAY, March 13
8:30 PM The Sound Traffic Series
Hitomi Honda’s series: works for piano, violin, vocals, and sax, with performances by Tempei Nakamura, Erin Rogers, and Mio Kanahara, and works by Nakamura, Linda Buckley, Hannah Selin, and Hitomi herself.
VENUE: Cornelia Street Cafe

THURSDAY, March 16
8:30 PM Quintet: “Udentity”
Denman Maroney (piano) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Reuben Radding (bass) Michael Sarin (drums)
VENUE: The Stone

THURSDAY, March 16
7:30 PM Sound It Out concert series
Sylvie Courvoisier, piano + Mary Halvorson, guitar & Mark Feldman, violin
VENUE: Greenwich House Music School
Tickets: $18 -$20

THURSDAY, March 16
8 PM Interpretations: David Behrman: “Unexpected Places” // Gisburg Sings With Michel Foucault & Friedrich Nietzsche
Vocalist Gisburg presents a musical visual theater for vocals and live band based on Michel Foucault’s “History Of Madness” as well as works by Friedrich Nietzsche. David Behrman presents Unexpected Places: new and older reworked pieces, and some re-emerging from the quarries of the 20th century.
VENUE: Roulette
ADMISSION: $15/$25

SATURDAY, March 18
8 PM Morton Feldman // Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello

Karl Larson (piano), Josie Davis (violin), Kate Outterbridge (viola), and Zan Berry (cello) perform Morton Feldman’s final work – Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello at
VENUE: Scholes Street Studio
ADMISSION: $15/$10

TUESDAY, March 21
10:30 PM Tim Berne, saxophone Hank Roberts cello
VENUE: korzo

7:30 PM Air Schoenberg: Connecting Flights
Works by Schoenberg, Berg, Brahms, Korngold, Arvo Pärt, Schnittke, Schubert, Webern, and Zemlinsky
With Dan Barrett (cello), Conor Hanick (Piano), Ariadne Greif (Soprano),
Natalie Kress (Violin), Anna Tsukervanik (Violin) and Chelsea Wimmer (Viola)
VENUE: St Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery
ADMISSION: $20/$12

7:30 PM BAC Salon: Biber + Nancarrow
Biber: Sonata Representativa
Nancarrow/Willey: Study for Player Piano No. 7
Biber: Sonata III (from 8 Sonatas published in 1681)
Nancarrow/Willey: Studies for Player Piano Nos. 2b, 6 and 21
Biber: Sonata V (from 8 Sonatas published in 1681)
VENUE: Baryshnikov Arts Center

THURSDAY, March 23
8 PM Curated by Meredith Monk: Ellen Fisher: Time Don’t Stop for Nobody
Ellen Fisher – Performer
Pablo Vela – Performer
Mina Nishimura – Performer
Leo Garcia – Performer
ADMISSION: $15/$25

FRIDAY, March 24
7:30 PM American Composers Orchestra
Steve Reich,  Tehillim
with vocal ensemble: Elizabeth Bates, Martha Cluver, Mellissa Hughes, Rachel Calloway
VENUE: Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall
ADMISSION: $43 / $51

8 PM The Music of Anna Clyne with The String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Mivos Quartet, Inbal Segev

VENUE: Roulette

THURSDAY, March 30
7:30 PM Three Generations: John Adams and Terry Riley
Performers: Ensemble Signal, Brad Lubman, Conductor
John Adams, Shaker Loops
Terry Riley In C (original version)
Performance includes a discussion with Steve Reich and John Adams
VENUE: Zankel Hall
ADMISSION: $64 – $76

THURSDAY, March 30
Trio M: Myra Melford, Mark Dresser, and Matt Wilson
pianist Myra Melford, bassist Mark Dresser, and drummer Matt Wilso
VENUE: Lincoln Center (Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola)

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