Extended Techniques is for listeners who wish to broaden their awareness and perception of contemporary music. In our times composers’ imagination and listeners’ ears can be faced with an entire field of sound.



Prepares a piano for breakfast

Or mutes a saxophone for lunch

Departing from a formal definition of extended techniques – namely, performance methods that involve unconventional or non-traditional ways of playing musical instruments or singing to obtain unusual sounds – we talk about works that engage modifications of existing instruments, newly invented acoustic, electro-acoustic, electronic and toy instruments, musical costumes, environmental sounds and tools that were not employed for the purpose of making music prior to the twentieth century.

In other words, we are looking at contemporary music through the lenses of timbral innovations.  Spinning off the technique, i.e. how the sound is produced, we look at biographical and historical information about composers – why they use the specific method and what circumstances made it available to them. We may attempt to explain what the specific sounds mean in their context for a contemporary audience, or what they meant for a composer, or how all of this information allows a listener to appreciate the fascinating and sometimes challenging new music.

As we believe that music has no boundaries, sometimes we will extend the definition of it. Gilles Deleuze once stated that music is also poetry, John Cage believed that music as imaginary separation of hearing from other senses does not exist, Samuel Beckett defined music as “the ultimate imageless language of emotion”… so, maybe one day we’ll talk about philosophy… or cooking…

Tune in!

NYC events calendar

As John Cage confessed in 1948, “the first thing one notices in New York is that an incredible number of things are going on…There are so many shows of painting, concerts of music, cocktail parties, theatrical events, telephone calls… that it is a wonder anyone there maintains his wits.” To help you maintain your wits, we use our knowledge of contemporary music, intuition and luck to select what we think is the most worth your attention. We are open to consider new sounds for our future listings and accept invitations to performances. The events are subject to changes, please check with the venue before you are heading there.

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Erlena Dlu (Oksana Nesterenko) is a musicologist focusing her research on experimental music in New York during the past 60 years (John Cage and what came after) and contemporary classical music in Eastern Europe. She enjoys both sounds themselves and the relationships between them, striving to engage all senses during listening.

Alotro Lado (Alex Minkin) is an avid new music enthusiast splitting his time between New York and Rio de Janeiro. He is fascinated with under-explored contemporary classical and jazz music and passionate about extending the audience to share his radical discoveries. Alex is also leading Ticún Brasil.

About the podcasts or articles on this website, contact Erlena Dlu 

About the events listings, or any technical issues, contact Alex Minkin

Photo by Alexander Ra

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  1. possibly silly question—how come the calendar for a given month only gets posted on the first of that month? would you consider starting to post the early-in-the-month events toward the end of the preceding month?

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