NYC Calendar: September 2013

Highlights of the month:
Zorn at 60 – citywide celebration
The Stone residencies of Evan Parker (Sept 17-22) and David Krakauer (Sept 24-29)

Only selected performances are listed in our calendar.

David Krakauer talks about his recent work and his residency at the Stone  (an excerpt from WKCR’s Transfigured Night program)


SUNDAY, September 1
8 and 10 PM Fred Frith, Annie Lewandowski and Theresa Wong
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Fred Frith (electric guitar, voice) Annie Lewandowski (piano) Theresa Wong (cello, voice)

MONDAY, September 2
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: John Zorn (sax) Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Nava Dunkelman (percussion) Jeanie-Aprille Tang (electronics) Uri Gurvich (sax) Erik Friedlander (cello) Fred Sherry (cello) Chuck Bettis (electronics) and many special guests

TUESDAY, September 3
8 PM:  Charlemagne Palestine / Joe McPhee / Steve Dalachinsky

VENUE:   Issue Project Room
DETAILS: A composer-performer originally trained to be a cantor, Charlemagne Palestine is best known for his intensely performed piano works, in which he uses emblematic objects including teddy bears and scarves, as what he terms “symbols of identification”. Palestine gives his first-ever performance in his hometown of Brooklyn on solo piano, joined by composer and improvisor Joe McPhee– a watershed player of the creative jazz scene– and the poet Steve Dalachinsky, who has long occupied a unique role in the jazz firmament.
ADMISSION: $25 / $18

SATURDAY, September 7 and SUNDAY, September 8
10 PM and 8 PM Jones Jones
VENUE: The Stone

DETAILS: Vladimir Tarasov (percussion) Mark Dresser (bass) Larry Ochs (saxes)
Ochs and Tarasov met and recorded together when Rova first toured the former USSR in 1983. He was already a legend in the USSR as one of the players in the original Ganelin Trio, as important a band there for “avant-garde” listeners in the ’60s and ’70s as the Art Ensemble of Chicago was here. Dresser met him not long after that, and they performed together intermittently in ensuing years. This trio first performed in the Bay Area in 2008, with tours to Europe in 2009 and 2010. First East Coast performances.

TUESDAY, September 10
8.30 PM Sylvie Courvoisier Trio with Kenny Wollessen and Drew Gress
DETAILS:  Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Kenny Wollessen, drums; Drew Gress, bass

THURSDAY, September 12
8:00 PM Marc Ribot / Matana Roberts / Cian Nugent
VENUE: ISSUE Project Room
DETAILS:  Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain continues this evening featuring the acclaimed guitarist Marc Ribot. Ribot has been called “a master of introverted ironies” by The Village Voice. Over three decades and 19 solo albums, his music has explored diverse genres including Haitian classical music, free jazz, American roots music, and composition for symphony orchestra. He returns for an evening featuring the dynamic saxophonist, composer and improviser Matana Roberts, and the Irish guitarist Cian Nugent, whose striking instrumental folk draws on acoustic Americana traditions.

THURSDAY, September 12
7:30 PM Dan Tepfer, piano: “Goldberg Variations / Variations”
DETAILS:The New York City-based Tepfer, born in 1982 in Paris to American parents, has performed with some of the leading lights in jazz, including extensively with veteran saxophone luminary Lee Konitz. His 2011 Sunnyside/Naïve album Goldberg Variations / Variations saw the prize-winning pianist performing J.S. Bach’s masterpiece as well as improvising upon it to “build a bridge across centuries and genres” (Wall Street Journal) in “an impressive feat that keeps coming back to a hearty and abiding respect” (New York Times).

SATURDAY, September 14
8:00 PM Pauline Oliveros: “Primordial Lift” / Olivia Block
VENUE: ISSUE Project Room
DETAILS: Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer, author and philosopher, has left a profound imprint American music through her decades of work with improvisation, electronic music, teaching, myth, ritual and meditation. Primordial Lift (1998) is a surreal work for large ensemble centered around a low frequency oscillator, mirroring the resonant frequency of the earth. Chicago-based composer Olivia Block presents the World Premiere of Dissolution (2013), a solo performance crossing field recordings, recorded dialogues, and live processing in a meditation on mistranslation, interference, and disruption.
ADMISSION: $15 / $12

SUNDAY, September 15
8PM  Magda Mayas & Anthea Caddy
VENUE: Roulette
DETAILS: Pianist Magda Mayas and cellist Anthea Caddy, both currently based in Berlin, Germany, showcase their respective recent works. In exploring the textural, percussive, and abstract/ambient possibilities of the acoustic piano – solo and prepared – as well as in other keyboard instruments, Magda Mayas is a leading innovator, marking her astonishing virtuoso technique in the realm of sound collages and visceral noise experiments. With her unique quadraphonic setup and often performing in near-pitch darkness, Anthea Caddy’s performances immerses the audience within the sonic intricacies of the cello, meshing the individual sounds into a larger multidimensional spatial environment.

SUNDAY, September 15 and TUESDAY, September 17
8PM and 10 PM Rocket Science

VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Evan Parker (saxes) Peter Evans (trumpets) Sam Pluta (live electronics) Craig Taborn (piano)

THURSDAY, September 19
8 PM Bleeding Edge Trio
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Peter Evans (trumpet) Okkyung Lee (cello) Evan Parker (saxes)

FRIDAY, September 20
10 PM Evan Parker and Sylvie Courvoisier
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Evan Parker (saxes) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

SATURDAY September 21
8:00 PM Quartet Collective

VENUE: Littlefield
Quartet Collective brings together four artists in the shared endeavor of experimenting through movement and sound in performance.  The search for transdisciplinary understanding of spontaneous action, relationship, and intention takes this group to music venues, galleries and onto dance stages alike.

SUNDAY, September 22
10 pm Rothenberg/Parker – Solos and Duos
VENUE: The Stone
DETAIL: Ned Rothenberg (reeds, shakuhachi) Evan Parker (saxes)

SUNDAY, September 22
VENUE: Barbes
DETAILS: Singer/instrumentalist Lorin Sklamberg of the Klezmatics teams up with eclectic NYC drum stylist David Ashkenazy for a debut vocal-percussion celebration of choice ethnic songs and dances.

MONDAY, September 23
7:00 PM The Hermetic Organ
VENUE: St. Paul’s Chapel, 2960 Broadway
DETAILS: Presented by Miller Theatre at Columbia University
John Zorn himself performs on the Columbia University chapel’s incredible Aeolian-Skinner organ.
ADMISSION: free and no tickets are required. Guaranteed seating is available for Miller Theatre “Zorn at 60” All-Access Pass holders only.

WEDNESDAY, September 25
8:00 pm All-Star Orchestra Concert
VENUE: Miller Theatre at Columbia University
DETAILS: John Zorn’s dream team orchestra — 80 players, at last count — performs some of the composer’s great symphonic works, including his masterpiece violin concerto. Featuring violin soloist Christopher Otto and conductor David Fulmer heading up an entire orchestra of soloists.
Suppôts et Supplications (2012) U.S. Premiere
Contes de Fées (1999)
Orchestra Variations (1996)
Kol Nidre (1996)
ADMISSION: from $25

THURSDAY, September 26
8 and 10 PM Krakauer’s Acoustic Klezmer Quartet
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: David Krakauer (clarinets) Will Holshouser (accordion) Jerome Harris (bass) Michael Sarin (percussion) Unplugged versions of Krakauer’s klezmer repertoire ranging from his own quirky originals to traditional tunes.

FRIDAY, September 27
8:00 PM Zorn’s Game Pieces
VENUE: Miller Theatre at Columbia University
DETAILS: Without dictating any of the notes to be played, these pieces use visual cues and graphic scores to structure the interactions of improvisers, resulting in remarkable (and one-of-a-kind) performances. This program brings together works rarely heard in a single evening and features many of Zorn’s longtime collaborators: Cyro Baptista, John Medeski, Uri Caine, Erik Friedlander, George Lewis, Marc Ribot, and many, many others.
Featuring: Bezique (1989); Cobra (1984); Rugby (1983); Book of Heads (1978); Fencing (1978); Xu Feng (1977-89); Lacrosse (1976)
ADMISSION: from $25

SATURDAY, September 28
10:00 AM–7:00 PM John Zorn—A Museum-Wide Celebration
VENUE: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
DETAILS: For an entire day, the Museum’s galleries pulsate with John Zorn’s restless and kinetic sounds, as musicians perform in twelve different galleries during an unprecedented event that marks the creative genius’s 60th birthday. Some of the works presented on this day are Met Museum commissions; others are existing pieces, specifically selected for their organic and sonic relevance to particular gallery spaces.
ADMISSION: Free with Museum admission

SATURDAY, September 28

VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: David Krakauer (clarinets) Jeff Zeigler (cello) Helga Davis (soprano) Todd Reynolds (violin, electronics)
Krakauer is joined by former Kronos cellist Jeff Zeigler, new music soprano extraordinaire Helga Davis and violinist/electronics wizard Todd Reynolds for an evening of new composition and improvisation. ADMISSION: $25

SUNDAY, September 29
8 and 10 PM Krakauer with Strings
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: David Krakauer (clarinet, bass clarinet) Cornelius Dufallo, Abigale Reisman (violins) Margaret Dyer (viola) Jeff Zeigler (cello)
Krakauer has assembled an all star string quartet to play Osvaldo Golijov’s monumental “Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind” (performed in both sets) plus arrangements and improvisations.

MONDAY, September 30
8:00 PM Wet Ink Ensemble & Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Septet
VENUE: Roulette
Set 1: Wet Ink Ensemble
Composition 227 by Anthony Branxton
Verkündigung by Peter Ablinger
Set 2: Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Septet
Evan Parker, saxophones
George Lewis, trombone and electronics
Ikue Mori, electronics
Ned Rothenberger, clarinets
Peter Evans, trumpet
Okkung Lee, cello
Sam Pluta, electronics

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