Episode #1 John Cage: A Liberator of Sound

In the first episode of Extended Techniques podcast we cover contribution of John Cage to extending timber and compositional techniques: using any object to make music, development of new percussion instruments, prepared piano and electronics; invention of chance procedure and indeterminancy.

Following foreword to Silence, we talk about John Cage and his ideas in the way that exemplifies them.

John Cage – A Liberator Of Sound

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..and 2 brief teasers:

Your hosts are Erlena Dlu and Alotro Lado

The John Cage Quintet: Lou Harrison, John Cage, Doris Dennison, Margaret Jansen, Xenia Cage


Running time 1.08 minutes

1. John Cage, “First Construction [in Metal]” for percussion sextet, with assistant (1939)
Amadinda Percussion Group
Hungaraton Recordings

2. John Cage, “Third Construction” (1941)
Amadinda Percussion Group
Hungaraton Recordings

3. John Cage, “BaCchanale” (1940)
William Grant

4. John Cage, “Amores” (1943)
Amadinda Percussion Group
Hungaraton Recordings

5. John Cage, “The Perilous Night” (1944)
Margaret Leng Tan
New Albion Records

6. John Cage, “One for piano” (1987)
Stephen Drury

7. John Cage, “Cartridge music” (1962)
David Tudor, Takehisa Kosugi, Michael Pugliese, John Cage
Kew Gardens

8. John Cage, “Williams Mix” (1952)
Magnetic tape
Ellipsis Arts

9. John Cage, “Music of changes” (1951)
David Tudor
Hat Hut Records

10. John Cage, “Atlas Eclipticalis” (1961-62)
Ulrich Krieger – sopranino sax, soprano sax, alto sax
Tobias Rüger – tenor sax
Reimar Volker – alto sax, baritone sax
Kathrin Wagner – alto sax, tenor sax

11. John Cage, “Atlas Eclipticalis” (1961-62)
Friedrich Gauwerky, violoncello

12. John Cage, “Atlas Eclipticalis” (1961-62)
The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble
Petr Kotik (conductor)
Joseph Kubera (piano)

Also, the following works are quoted throughout the podcast:

“John Cage and David Tudor, Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic Music” (1959) Smithonian Folkways Recordings

John Cage, “Second Construction” (1940) Amadinda Percussion Group
Hungaraton Recordings

Erlena Dlu, “Six improvisations de la pleine lune” (2012)

Erlena Dlu, “Postearfest” (2011)

If you enjoy the music included here, please consider purchasing the recordings.

©2012 by Extended Techniques. All Rights Reserved.

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